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youngandcreditwrthy wrote:



So... ironically, the lady I spoke with several months ago just called me as a result of the email I sent to good ole Dick Fairbank. Kinda funny cause it's the same young lady that kept denying me when I called the Ex Office directly then...


asked me income, rent, employment questions....


She said give her 72 business hours and she will have it done. I told her min was $5000 total cl and I'd like to have $7500.


I can't believe they responded so quickly! I literally sent that email a couple of hours ago!! :-D


Maybe if I click my shiny black Steve Madden's a few times, I will..... not go home... but get  a credit line increase from Capital One!!!! She was VERY nice this time btw :-)


It almost sounded like she'd get in trouble if I wasn't a satisfied customer! haha



SCOOOOORRRRREEEEE!!  LMAO!  I actually just got off the phone with the guy who helped me.  He was calling to let me know that my request had been granted, even though I already saw it in my account info.  What he told me was that even though Capital One's policy is not to give customer initiated CLI's, they are doing manual reviews out of the executive office to help people while they re-visit that policy.  Kudos to Capital One for trying to be proactive and more customer friendly!!

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