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Re: IF denied, creditor MUST provide Bureau used and Score used right?

olderwiser3 wrote:

Driving and smoking habits aside, this thread did contain a useful nugget of info for newbs like myself - that being that they don't have to furnish the score.  I was under the (now I know false) impression that they did, since they would have pulled that info along with the specifics that went into creating it.  Sounds like a potential end-around move though to avoid furnishing that info.  It's a concern because before you know it many companies might be claiming that they didn't use the score and therefore stop telling you what it is.  Just my $0.02.


The people who would want to prevent you getting free scores are the credit bureaus, not the credit card issuers.  I don't think they have much motiviation not to give you the score, just choose not to when they don't have to.