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Re: IF denied, creditor MUST provide Bureau used and Score used right?

youngandcreditwrthy wrote:

hahah all of my clis have been softs, and they haven't had access to know what lines are getting increased...


I mean... having eight credit cards alone puts you at higher risk for bankruptcy...

but I have $100k+ in unused credit...


they didn't deny me for that.


simply for "too many recently opened accounts"


for the millionth time.... I havent opened an account in more than 90 days! in 180 days, I've opened four accounts.. I mean... maybe that is high, but I haven't used them! lol


Citi is Chiti... oh boy, if I finally get this thing approved... I'm going to e-slap you people telling me no more credit! Jeez... this is a forum about credit and the improvement therein.. don't tell me no more credit when you have ten cards yourself, bud ;-)



:-) Best to all!

And clearly something in their risk model is raising a red flag on your account. Who knows what exactly they use, but whatever predictors or variables they impliment are clearly correct in your case. You keep asking and getting more and more credit and banks see you as riskier and riskier. Maybe it's just a coincidence that they're denying you while you're on a mad dash for credit, or maybe their risk model is doing exactly what it's supposed to be doing. I don't blame Citi one bit for denying you credit as I would do the same. 


I actually have 11 cards, but thanks for taking an interest in me. I'm not the one madly gobbling up credit left and right then whining like a little girl when someone finally cuts me off. 


If Citi ends up approving you I'm not so sure why you're going to "e-slap" anyone. Just because you get granted more credit doesn't mean you needed it to begin with, and it doesn't mean you deserve it, either. If Citi wants to approve you or uphold their denial it's entirely up to them as it's their business and their risk. 


Keep begging for credit using your convulted income numbers....don't be surprised if it comes back to bite you later.


I'll see you in the rebuilding forums in a few years, buddy. Smiley Very Happy