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Re: Income on Applications for Credit

cashnocredit wrote:

john398 wrote:

Happychap wrote:

I use houshold income for applications i.e. mine and spouse + investments

is that on a joint account where you enter your spouses ssn too?

I've heard of a few joint CC accounts but I haven't ever seen applications, outside of mortgages, that even have a space for joint info. How does one go about getting joint apps?


Usually you have to go into the bank and/or ask for a paper application. Most online interfaces and even in-store for department store applications will not allow you to add a cosigner or joint applicant.


I work at JCP, and cannot have a joint applicant when I fill out the application for someone. However, we do have the paper copies with the T&C of the card right there on the counter, that lets you add a co-applicant. From there, you have to mail it in and wait for a response. I'll be honest though. Before I turned 18 I applied with my grandfather for the co-applicant card and received boo. No yey, ney, or even a record of it occurring on the CR...unless everything was simply mailed to my grandfather and he never told me...though at the same time my information wasn't stolen, so God knows where that application went...

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