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youngandcreditwrthy wrote:

So... ironically, the lady I spoke with several months ago just called me as a result of the email I sent to good ole Dick Fairbank. Kinda funny cause it's the same young lady that kept denying me when I called the Ex Office directly then...

...It almost sounded like she'd get in trouble if I wasn't a satisfied customer! haha

EXACTLY!  It's not your imagination at all.


That office is not the credit increase office; it's the CEO's office.  He gets an email from an unhappy customer; their job is to make that customer happy.  My guess is they have a tracking system, where each email or letter to the CEO is assigned a case number, and a specific handler who is graded on their ability to satisfactorily resolve the issue.  Their job is not to respond to random calling customers who want special favors.  That's what customer service is supposed to be for.  Those calls are an interruption in their duties, and likely viewed as an annoyance.  Hence the question "How did you get this number?"  


You are WAY more likely to get what you want out of the exec office if you have emailed him.  And also way more likely to get taken care of if you have already tried the regular steps.


See "How to get a PC or CLI from Capital One"

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