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ninjamike81 wrote:

OMG.  I just got the contact info from a forum member yesterday morning for the CEO email.  I sent a polite but firm message to them letting them know that I was unhappy with my current product and got a call back about 2 hours later from a nice but very professional guy.  It was defiantly a straight forward q&a call and I would here something back in 2-5 business days.  Well I have been checking the account all morning because I saw a rewards tab now so I knew they were in my account making changes and just kept logging in and out to watch the magic happen.  I told them I wanted the AF permanently removed, APR decrease, rewards added, and a CLI to 5000.00.  Here are the results.  


annual fee permanently removed.  +1

apr decreased by 5% +2 

rewards added 1% plus 50% end of year bonus +3

CLI from 750 ....... 2000.00  OMG +100  yay

all done with a soft pull   yayyyyyyyyyyy


thank you so much I really appreciate  this forum and the information in it.

Now if I can only log into myfico from IE I could post more I hate Google chrome.

Congratulations to you!!!!!

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