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calihlove75 wrote:

Has anyone had luck with a household bank card that Cap 1 took over? I have had it a year now.  Stuck at $450 and it has a $59 annual fee attached to it.

Yes; the Cap 1 Executive Office gave my information to the HSBC exec team, who waived my annual fee for life on my Orchard card.  They said that until it was converted to a Cap1 product they were not able to PC, and that they couldn't raise the limit until the transition was over.  Still a win in my book, as now I don't have to close my oldest credit card.


If you don't get anywhere that way, just try again after the transition.


colindidit wrote:
I emailed last night and have yet to receive a response when's a good wait period?

Usually a day or two for contact, instant answer on product changes, rewards, and annual fees, and 3-5 business days on limit increases.

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