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More EX pulls after 2 AMEXs?

Hi all!


Also posted this on Auto forum but wanted to get words and wisdom from credit forums as welll Smiley Happy


I just applied 2 AMEX cards and they were approved :smileyhappy:!   I tried to ask the rep on the phone what my Experian FICO is and she said it is 700+, couldn't give me the exact score due to "security concerns."


I thought it was going to be only 1 pull, but found out that it was 2 pull since I actually applied 2 cards :smileysad: bummer!


I currently have four hard pulls (one in (7/11) and one in (10/12), now two in (1/13) :smileysad:), should I garden these first then apply for auto loan Smiley Happy?


Thank you for your words and wisdom!