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Re: More EX pulls after 2 AMEXs?
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Hi Walt_K! 


Thank you for your words and wisdom Smiley Happy!


My 2 Amex's are indeed new accounts Smiley Sad  I should've applied just one but I read from forums that 1 HP could get me 2 accts... turns out it was 2 HP, didn't verify thru Experian yet but will check soon.


My current AAoA is 3.5 years (very bad Smiley Sad)  But, with Amex's back-dating, would it help?  


I do not have prior auto history, this will be my first vehicle Smiley Happy!


I currently have baddies (SLs, closed, reported as 180+ days late) - working on GWs)


SLs has been rehabbed and reporting as good standing (positive)

Cap1 secured (positive)


and now I will have AMEXs which have not been activated Smiley Happy!


Thanks in advance for your words and wisdom, I appreciate it!