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Re: More EX pulls after 2 AMEXs?

bradmaster wrote:

Much appreciated, Walt_K!


Yes, I only had 1 CC (Cap1 secured).  Utilization is 0% but I am going to leave some itty-bitty balance to report (about 1-5%) so that Cap1 keep reports (I heard that Cap1 does not report if you just PIF every month..)


Do you also believe that I should garden about a year then apply for auto-loan?  I think so because having these two listed on my CR will help me... (responsible borrower with at least $2000 Smiley Happy)


Any suggestions, words and wisdoms - much appreciated!

I don't think that's true about Cap1 not reporting if you PIF.  I think that is outdated, but I am not sure as I no longer carry a Cap1 card.  But it is true that for optimal scoring, in general, you want one card to report between 1 and 9% of its CL, and all other cards to report $0. 


If you don't need a new car, then you should certainly wait, if for no other reason than to keep saving money.  By 6 months to a year, your score will have rebounded from the inquiries and new accounts.  If you really need a new (or new to you) car, well then, you do what you have to do.  Hopefully in that time, your GW efforts will pay off.

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