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Re: More EX pulls after 2 AMEXs?
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Walt_K, thank you so much for your valuable input, I really appreciate it.


I am keep dragging this but I hope my questions also help other members as well.


I was wondering since I will have 2 actual revolving accounts (Cap 1 secured and Amex BCE), should I add one more revolving accounts while I am at it rather than adding it later?  Or, should I step back, and garden those two cards with 1 charge card from Amex PRG (which doesn't report to credit bureaus - I believe if you have balance it does, but limits, no)?


I am not sure if I have enough revolving credit cards (recommended 3).  Or better yet, should I build my relationship w/ Amex - hopefully increase CLI by 3x ($6000) in 61 days then see what others offer? 


Thank you for your words and wisdom, I appreciate it!