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Re: Contacted/declined for susceptible fraud?

bs6054 wrote:

chan85:  little off-topic, but found this figure for the UK, do you have an equivalent US figure (couldn't find it!)


Card fraud losses as a proportion of the amount we spent on our cards decreases – from 0.066% during January to June 2011 to 0.063% during the first half of this year

According to The UK Cards Association, total fraud losses on UK cards totalled £185.0 million between January and June 2012. This is a 9 per cent increase on losses in the first half of last year (£169.8 million), but represents a fall of 39% from the total of £304.2 million in the first half of 2008 when fraud was at its peak.


Figures suggest fraudsters bypassing security safeguards by duping consumers into handing over their own details

So, you have all the tech, but if a customer can be fooled......!


I don't actually. I am most familiar with my own banks info, and even to find the exact figures on what types we catch the most I would have to dig. But it would not surprise me if it was similar information. I can't tell you how often I call people to just verify activity and they interrupt me and say what do you need from me, and start listing card number, expiration date, security codes. ssns, everything! And that's unprovoked! I get customers all the time who say they got a call from someone saying they have to refund them some money, just need all their card info, and then BAM! We have western union charges being attemtped all over the place.  Customers are their own worst enemies. If a box pops up on the computer or they get a call or letter, they just GIVE them the goat!!! And they are like they had my address so I thought it was ok, when half of them are listed in the white pages....... everybody has your address!

But I have a job, so can't complain too much..... Smiley Very Happy

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