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Re: Contacted/declined for susceptible fraud?

Discover did it three or four times after I went a few months without using the card.


When I used this mysterious thing called a debit card, PNC would ring if I didn't use it for a few days or a week and then charged somethng; it got annoying fast. Their credit card does not have the same issue.


First National Bank of Omaha did it when I first got the card and charged about 1500 at various online places.


Chase blocked a purchase they said was international; I was unaware the District of Columbia was out of the United States.


Macy's is somewhat weird in blocking transactions on the American Express account. They do not even ring me, I just find out it's blocked the next time I try to use it.


Citi questioned multiple Walgreens purchases of over $500 when I first got the card.


Barclays and FIA have never done anything and sometimes I make a single purchase up to the limit of the card.


I find it strange that some issuers let it go through before ringing, and some will not let it go through at all.