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Re: Fraud Alerts? Declines? Just curious...

snowkitty wrote:

I come here everyday and read a ton of posts on handling credit and credit cards. I have came across posts about people getting declined at the register and getting frauds on cards for spending money outside of their usual. Each month I use a variety of cards to pay for groceries, gas, bills, etc. I never know which card I am going to use so nothing is set in stone. Should I be putting stuff from each category (food, gas, bills) on each card each month to play it safe?


Also, I am going out of state for vacation this summer and I don't want to get any "surprises" when I try to run my cc's. Are the declines/fraud alerts that I read about something that really does not happen that often or is it something to worry about? I just want to take steps in advance.

Hey snowkitty!



fact of the matter is, it all depends on your banks policy.



i have traveled numerous times, never notified anybody, including the bank i work for.  sometimes i have a pattern to explain my travel, and then sometimes, all of a sudden I am at CVS in Las Vegas lol



i have only been called on 1 card (discover) because my mother who is an au was using it in KY, while we both live in GA, and i was actually traveling in NC at the time. i use mostly my amex and they say you don't have to call. but my cap1 card i know they want you to call.



the bank i work for asks that you notify us, but we are supposed to also let you know that it still does NOT mean that ALL your charges WILL go through. you may still be declined. just cuz you say you are there does not mean we are just going to let everything go through since you are supposed to be there. if we did that, perps would target tourists even more because they KNOW their credit cards would basically be a free for all.



Call your bank, see what they want, but be mentally prepared that they could still decline it. Don't travel with just ONE card. I can't stand when people go all the way to timbuktoo with ONE credit card and then because they don't have fed ex service in that country, they are SOL and we are supposed to be all worked up over their inability to plan. Have a back up card so if you are declined, you can pay, and then call your bank as soon as you leave the store. Dont keep trying the card like it will magically work, that only sends up more red flags, and causes you more embarassment (that's the #1 complaint we get from customers, that we embarassed them, but we have been calling for days and they ignore us and dont call back and keep tryng the card).


as far as what categories, i think you can use it however you want and however best maximizes your rewards. its silly IMHO to be scared of being declined, especially if its just a fraud alert. it can be cleared up with a phone call and you keep moving.  our best and understanding customers say they would rather we decline it then let someone run up 20k on their account. and even though as a customer you aren't responsible for fraud charges, we as a bank are a business so we can't eat all that money anyway.

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