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Re: Which Cards Offer Check By Mail Payments
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jake619 wrote:

Yea I wasn't thinking in terms of those "convenience checks" you get but more along the likes of a card with true bill pay services.  I guess when I start my own CCC I'll offer it. Smiley Happy

Any timeline for this!   Anyway, I assume the reason the payee doesn't take credit cards is that they don't want to pay the "swipe fee" to the credit card company.   If what you suggested exist, all merchants would want that instead of credit cards, as:


a) They get to keep all the money

b) The consumer pays no more than before (no BT fee, no CA fee or interest)


leading to:

c) The credit card company processes the transfer for free, X to the payee, X from the user.   EDIT: and gives rewards anyway


which could suggest what such things aren't offered.   So when you start Jake "BIG 619" Credit Card Company, remember to charge a large AF so that you get some profit!