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Re: AmEx 61 Day CLI - how to count 61 days?
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ficojoe wrote:

TransUnion account Creation Date: 11/6/12

Activation Date: 11/13/12

Today: 1/12/2013

Inital Credit Limit: $2,000




Request a Line of Credit Increase
Your request to increase your line of credit to $6,000 has been approved and will be available for use within 15 minutes.

Your New Line of Credit Information:
New Line of Credit:$6,000

Congrats. Yes you were technically eligible from 1/6/2013 onwards.


The account creation date can be found out from 


1) Obviously talking to CSR/contacting Amex. Some folks are nervous to do this for some odd reason.

2) Amex reports the exact day and month account is created, and reports that to TU.

3) Email from Amex with the last 5 numbers of the CC. Depending on the time of the day you got your application approved though, the account sometimes gets opened the day after you receive the email with last 5 digits. Account gets opened faster for existing Amex card members.