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Re: AmEx 61 Day CLI - how to count 61 days?

MustangSaluki wrote:

jake619 wrote:

FWIW I believe the info can be gleaned from the AMEX account page.  When I was approved these dates populated.  I think day 61 is calculated from the SINCE date.



This is correct only before the first statement is cut. It looks like you opened your Amex card on 12/17/xxxx (xxxx could obviously be diff depending on backdating).


Once your statement is ready, your SINCE day will say "Jan 14", which tracks spending for the next statement since the last statement closed.

My email came on 12/17.  This was not the app date nor the activation date.  It is not referenced as the "opened" date either which is what I was questioning as AMEX uses that in their policy wording.  There is a lot of confusion around these threads because while AMEX references the account open date as the jumping off point for calculating 61 days it is not clearly defined as such.  My discovery of the webpage reference matching the email was surprising - I didn't notice the match.  


I assume the math in this example points to 2/15 as day 61.  Yes, xxxx = 2012, not sure how backdating affects this but that would be 1995.

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