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Re: AmEx 61 Day CLI - how to count 61 days?
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jake619 wrote:
My email came on 12/17.  This was not the app date nor the activation date.  It is not referenced as the "opened" date either which is what I was questioning as AMEX uses that in their policy wording.  There is a lot of confusion around these threads because while AMEX references the account open date as the jumping off point for calculating 61 days it is not clearly defined as such.  My discovery of the webpage reference matching the email was surprising - I didn't notice the match.  


I assume the math in this example points to 2/15 as day 61.  Yes, xxxx = 2012, not sure how backdating affects this but that would be 1995.


What nicholasyud is the exact verbiage from Amex and I have always been a big proponent of it and I also post this in other forums. It is 61 days from Account opened date. 


Your email came of 12/17 which is when your account was opened. This is also getting reflected in your account online before the first statement has cut. I was recently approved for Amex plat on the 7th. I receieved the email with last 5 digits instantly upon approval on the 7th as well. But my account was created on the 8th which is what I see in the exact same spot that you caputured in your screenshot and also confirmed during a chat with a CSR yesterday when I was trying to confirm the bonus. 


I have always relied on the two surefire methods of getting to know the account creation date:


1) Amex themselves.

2) TU report.


I have now added a 3rd one based on analysis from your screenshot and also comparing my new recent accounts. I was editing my post but you quoted me before the edit Smiley Happy


3) SINCE date under Recent charges BEFORE 1st statement cut.


FYI, you will see account is reported as 12/17/1995 in your TU report. 


The confusion most folks bring on the forums is some chancecurrence that happens to be 61 days after activation they make the attempt. It is 61 days from account creation period and I have mentioned it several times. I just do not try to correct anyone's post anymore though. Hopefully the confusion withers down with time as more folks corroborate this.