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What to do....what to do???
Was hoping to get some advice on my current lines. Here's the problem, i was hoping to have all of my current cards reporting at least 5k credit lines or more. Idk y that number, just seemed the # to be ;-)

Anyway, i have the following:
Cap one 5k...just got this increased from 1500. through eo
Nav Plat 5k
NavChk this increased from 500.
orchard 520..stuck
merrick 300 stuck

I question is this, what can i do to get the orchard increased? Cap one eo suggested that i contact them but ik it will be 100 if anything. And merrick won't even entertain any conversations that include credit limit :-(. Are these tradelines destine to be duds? My credit is so much better now then when i got these and they both have AFs but they are also my oldest trade lines. At one time i thought i would just close them and that's that but@ i only have the four. Statsa are:
Utilization 0%
no baddies lil over 2 yrs. (but was a biggie..bk7)
scores ranging from 669-672

Any thoughts on getting this 2 up to par? I dnt nd the increases and def dnt want any new cards but am loving the game ;-)

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