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Re: What to do....what to do???

shorrttyycm1 wrote:
Not offended...NFCU is generous and I have definitely benefited in that aspect..& cs is OUTSTANDING. but back to the post...
that's pretty much what i thought, like having merrick could actually hurt me on apps? I wish i knew for sure but as someone else posted u just dnt know.

Two things:


1.  AF cards *only* make sense if you value the rewards or need it for a purpose, such as rebuilding.


2.  Some issuers--namely Amex--may decline an application if they see certain subprime creditors, such as First Premier.


All things being equal, there is *no* reason I can think to pay a fee for a small limit card once the rebuilding process is underway.  The sooner you purge them, the better off you will be in the future.