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Re: Is Navy Federal pre-Selected CC the same as pre-approved?
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MountainHiker wrote:

Today was the first time I accessed the NFCC website and noticed right away the pre-selected option button. After hitting the button I noticed I had been pre-selected for a Cash Back CC.Does this mean I was offered a Pre-approved CC? If I don't take the offer now will the it still be there one month from now?


This is all new to me. A family member earlier had been denied for a NFCC credit card but then NFCC did offer a secured card which my family member accepted. On their pre-selected they were offered the very same secured credit card. The problem which caused that person's denial appeared to have been an issue with a huge amount of inquiries. Nearly 50 inquiries to be exact. Which is a lot.



I have never seen a pre-selected button for "NFCU". I would assume you are not actually referring to NFCC "National Foundation for Credit Counseling". 


A pre-selected offer is similar to a pre-approved offer, just different wording. So, yes you were pre approved.


If you are pre-approved now, and nothing gets worse. You would have no reason to get denied later on.


If you credit report is in decent shape, and you have an okay income. You should be good to go.


Good Luck!

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