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Re: Barclay's AA via Walmart Upgrade?

When I asked about the Discover option I was told it does not happen often, that they do it about every two years.  I have also been told other things as well.  It should just be a product change and you keep the AAOA, so that should not spook Barclays.  I am sure I have done more to spook Barclays recently than you have!  I just added 4 cards to my portfolio, sometimes I think they are a little too sensitive.  I am waiting to see what happens, while waiting I cashed out my points with them just in case!  I will certainly make sure that if they close my account, which I pay off in full I will have words with them!  (Especially, because I am due those bonus points for Christmas!)

Yeah, back to a seedling because of an auto loan and a credit card app. One day I will make it to the garden, I swear.