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Re: Which Card worth to keep even thou with the AF???

Revelate wrote:

Any AF which is justified by the financial rewards; keeping in mind the credit strata of the individual.


When I was deep subprime, frankly the AF on the Orchard card (which incidently I justified with it's no FTF as I purchase shirts made in the UK for work) was acceptable, and the BOFA secured AF I made bank on with the 1-2-3 rewards package and my typical spend rate... think paid for itself in just over a month.  My Zync + Packs AF with how often I eat at restaurants, already paid for itself as well in 3 months.


Likewise where I'm at now, the BCP over the BCE is no question for me, I make up the difference just in gasoline alone.  


And really, calling it what it is, if I'd been in the credit strata even worse than where I started, I could've easily justified the FP's AF just for building credit purposes.  


I think there's just too many variables in play unless you restrict it to a particular credit strata, and really it almost has to be the top end as in the deep subprime category what need and what you can afford financially dominates any discussion of AF worthiness.


+1 ! !


If one can justify the AF, then one can justify the card.  If it's a benefit to you, why get rid of it?  There was a reason for applying for the card to begin with, unless that reasoning has changed or one is just a "card collector".


I dumped my HSBC toy card for just that reason.  It no longer served a purpose with a $1550 limit and $59 AF.  They wouldn't waive  the fee, and wouldn't CLI, so it was time to  dump them.

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