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Re: The Definitive Amex 3X CLI Guide

Joesh wrote:

The CSR i talked to had no idea when I could ask for a CLI, she said I could ask for one now, even though I opened my account in late Novemeber. Instead I just asked her for my account opening date which she said was Nov. 26. So based on that I should be able to ask for CLI on like January 27th? Maybe I'll just wait for January 31st or will have to call another CSR - based on the talk in this thread I thought they would just be able to rattle off to me the date I was eligible right away; no such luck.

Account opening = November 26. So count 61 days out from there. Done. No further thinking necessary. Don't overthink this people. 


The guide is supposed to eliminate overthinking, and it does a great job of just that.

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