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Re: Well that wasn't planned...

The denial letters just posted and look identical. AAOA on EQ report is only 11 months with the oldest line being 1 year and 5 months. 8 inquiries in the last two years including Penfed. Only 3 of those in the last year. So I'm not quite sure how 2 inquiries in 12 months is too many. lol. Loan balances amuses me since they refinanced that loan. My Paypal card accidentally reported a high balance this statement at $607/2000. It's already payed off. What do you guys think my chance of a recon on the card is? The csr that I just talked to said that I would need to fax in a letter in order for them to do one and that I couldn't talk to an underwriter.


Your Credit score: 724
Date: 01/14/2013
Scores range from a low of 150 to a high of 950.
Key factors that adversely affected your credit score:
Length of time accounts have been established
Too many inquiries last 12 months
Proportion of loan balances to loan amounts is too high
Amount owed on accounts is too high