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Re: Chase offer online only banking?

solxp wrote:

I thought I had a read on these forums that Chase was ending the 10% deal however I just got a new terms and cc agreement letter in the mail that also included fee and reward literature. It said all I needed to do was open a chase banking account and I would be eligible for the 10% deal. The problem is I do not live in a area were Chase has a banking presence(North Carolina) and I did not see anywhere online to open a Chase checking. I was just wondering if anyone knows if such a product exists. What I would like to do is stick 5000.00 or whatever minimum I need to avoid fees in a online checking account and just let it sit there..

I believe most of their accounts you can use strictly online while having the benefit of in-store service...just go to and check our their checking/savings products...i know for sure you can open an account online!

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