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Re: American Express Gold preselected

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I have burned Amex in the past (about 8 years ago). But surprisingly, I have been receiving preselected offers from them. (Green, Delta etc).  The latest offer was Amex Gold. I would love to get back with them, but not sure if I would get approved because of my past history with them.  Any thoughts?

If your debt with AMEX was unpaid then it is possible that you are blacklisted.   Sometimes people with old, unpaid debt can get back in with AMEX without having to pay ~ but many times that's not the case.    If you apply for a new card and are on the blacklist, you'll be instantly denied, without them pulling your credit.    There's really no way to know for certain until you apply....


+1 and if the debt is paid and you still get denied then give a call. I read success stories to where they get approved after talked to a CSR

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