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Got My Card - Using Backdoor Underwriter Conversation

I want to thank each and everyone in this community for the fabulous tips and tricks. I have learned SO much here and am well on my way to re-establishing my credit.


In early 2012 my FICO was 581 and today it is 680. I've changed cities, gotten a new much better paying job, and leased a much needed new vehicle. Today was like icing on the cake though. I had been denied a Cashbuilder card at PNC Bank, even though I've been banking with them just over a year now, have had a $500 Secured Card with them and made sure to keep a nice sum in my savings account. So, rather than taking no for answer when denied the Cashbuilder Card, I asked the CSR what I could do to qualify. My 2 late accounts were from 2007 and I didn't feel it was fair to have to wait 2 more years for those to fall off. They switched me to an Underwriter who personally reviewed my application and when she came back from having me on hold said that she could approve me for $1000. YAY !!


So, in Jan 2012 I had zero credit cards, zero installment loans and that ugly 581.


Today I have...

PNC Secured $500  PIF monthly

MACY's Star Card $600  No charges yet

PayPal Bill Me Later $600  PIF monthly

and now PNC Cashbuilder $1000


Plus my Nissan Lease that began 7/12 paid 5 days early each month.


Now, time to sit back, tend to my garden and watch my credit grow!!


I feel like a new woman!!


Thanks again for all the great advice.



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