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Re: Too many cards - which one to close?

KingAdrock wrote:

Wait, let me get this straight: everyone is talking about whether or not to close a card because you don't want to use and maintain it, because if you don't use and maintain the card they'll close it?


Am I the only one who thinks closing your card so they don't close your card... is completely absurd? Smiley Frustrated

Close, except for the fact that no-one is saying that!


The discussion is: should I close the card?


Several people say "No, always keep cards open"  To keep it open, you may need to buy things on it every now and then.  If you don't, it might get closed.


So my points were: a) Should you really care if the card is closed (by you or them) and b) If you should care, what is the cost of keeping it open vs benefit.