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Re: 50% util, should I app?

toppers555 wrote:

I would wait 50% utilization is pretty excessive. you may be apporved , but I assume it will be for a low amount like poster above me.

I have a ring and tv on 0% interest while I pay it off. My non store cards are always pif and never carry a balance, but they have such low limits that my util reports very high. I am chasing a higher limit, and I know you say the person above received a low limit, but its all perspective. I would be ecstatic with a 3k limit! I hate having these $500 CL with multiple payments per month. I just figured they would be my best bet to get a limit of 1k or more. Myfico score is only 670 TU 674 EQ and 680 EX last pull.

In my wallet: Discover it 6800 CL, Capital One Quicksilver Sig 5k CL, Chase Freedom 4k CL, GCU Patinum Visa 1500 CL