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Re: AMEX BCE Arrived...Member Since Date Wrong

jake619 wrote:

OhioCPA wrote:

This is very normal for someone who doesn't have another Amex open at the time. What gets reported to the credit bureau should be correct, even if the card shows 2013.

^^^^^^ True.  My file goes back to 95 but there was a gap from 09 to 12 where no cards were active.  BCE app in 12, card came as 12.  Website showed 95.  Tier 1 CS said don't worry about and blew me off.  Called XO and got the card reissued with 95 and added expresspay chip.  Came FedEx next day air.  Pimp status was enjoyed for the day.

What is 'XO'?  Where do I find their number?

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