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lawless05 wrote:

I just got my call!!!! She said that they are going to look into my file and see if they give me an increase, remove monthly fee, and lower my ARP. I didn't ask for 5000 like I should have but anything without a monthly fee and low APR is good to me since it my oldest card.

Maybe they watch this forum and saw what you said?  Wouldn't that be funny?  Capone: 'uh oh, another card member is planning the BBB route, we better reach out to them.  Bernhardtra has once again posted his story about going to the BBB, we better not let that happen, if we get a bad BBB rating it might affect our planned takeover of First Premier.'


No, I don't know of any plans of theirs to take over First Premier, but they must have some plan insure they retain their control of the sub prime market.  The purchase of HSBC was their largest competitor in this.  Unless Merrick steps up and makes their presence known and expands what they do, there is no reasonable company who offers unsecured cards to people with short or damaged credit history.  Not a reasonable one I can think of anyway.  I wish Merrick would start to purchase banks like Capone did in the past to establish themselves as a real bank presence and expand what they do.  They should also expand their product line!  Oh boy should they do that and give some love to us who have been with them a long, long time!


Congrats.  With the limits you have they will probably match it or come close to it.

Yeah, back to a seedling because of an auto loan and a credit card app. One day I will make it to the garden, I swear.