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Tempted by Amex Delta Skymiles Gold
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I have 3 cards right now and consider that 1 too many for spending purposes.  Everything goes on my PRG except for the categories on my Forward.  I only have my Dividend card for those times when I need a Mastercard (admittedly very few and far between) or when I can use it's rotating categories (again, few and far between).


But the Amex Skymiles card is calling me.  My first summer job was at Delta (on the ramps), so I fly Delta whenever I travel.  A normal year includes just one or two trips (often, all but one is business related and reimbursed).  However, between my friend's wedding, bachelor party, and upcoming business travel, I'm guaranteed three trips this year.  Next year I'm guaranteed at least two.  Of these five, three are personal.


Here's the dilemma:

1. The card would save me $420 on a flight this summer through the signup bonus, and would save about $150 in baggage fees.  That's $570 return in year 1.  Since I'm shopping for an engagement ring right now, this would be helpful.

2. It has an annual fee after year one, which I might not use fully in future years since a lot of my flights are business-related.

3. I have no need to put spending on the card, as I can simply transfer MR points to miles.  This will be just another card that I have to keep track of and make sure I place charges on to keep it open.

4. I wouldn't want to open the card then drop it when the AF hits, for concern of hurting my credit score and damaging my relationship with Amex.  At the same time, PCing to another card would result in no rewards and just another card to keep track of.  For my spending categories, the PRG and Forward are a perfect combination.


If it was you, would the pro's outweigh the cons?  Any alternatives I'm not seeing?

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