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Re: Tempted by Amex Delta Skymiles Gold

Revelate wrote:

ryanbush wrote:

I believe the underwriting is the same...


and I haven't used mine this year as this is my first year with the platinum, I need to start looking for a reason to use it as our Honeymoon this year is international and i'm also using skymiles... maybe NYE in NYC

Off-topic but that raises an interesting question I think:


Are there any cards which have an non-AF / AF version (BCE/BCP, CS/CSP) or even a AF / higher AF version (Delta Gold / Platinum Skymiles) that have any difference in underwriting criteria?  I'm struggling to think of any that we know anecdotally but admittedly there are some lenders vis a vis Citi that I don't know at all.

It doesn't seem like there are.


Platinum vs. Gold aside, I just realized that if I went through with the Gold, the savings in the first year would pay the AF for 6 years (or 7 if you include the first year with no AF).  But at the cost of an additional tradeline to manage with benefits realized just a couple times a year.  Then again, my total CL is under 20% of my income.  Would be nice to have a higher available CL overall.

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