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92SelfMade wrote:

I finally got a response myannual fee was waived and I will get a callback in regards to apr reduction and cli

Was it waived or removed.  I had mine permanently removed not waived.  They did nothing about the APR, but they did give me a CLI and remove the fee.  Funny story about getting the fee waived by normal customer service, which I like repeating.  I called normal number and asked for them to remove the annual fee and they said they could waive it.  I said I wanted it removed, not waived, I chose the wording carefully.  They said they could waive it and they did, I simply said they could do what they wanted as I really wanted it removed.  I waited a few days and I called back and asked about having the annual fee removed, they said they could waive it, but not remove it.  I carefully chose my words and said I was not looking for it to be waived, but removed from the account entirely.  They did what they wanted and I kept my mouth shut, I actually kept my mouth shut 3 times and made sure that each time I called I was very clear about what I was looking for and was not asking for it to be waived, but removed.  It is there problem they waived it 3 times is all I can say now and if there is ever a situation where they accuse me or wrong doing I will simply say; 'All phone calls are monitored for training and quality, so go back and listen and you will see, I did not request it, the blame lies on the person who works for your company, not me'


They have carefully chosen phrases they like to say to appease you, I have carefully chosen phrases too! 

I swear I am going right to the Garden...... Hopefully to stay there longer than a month this time......