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Re: The Definitive Amex 3X CLI Guide

sakhalin070 wrote:

sakhalin070 wrote:

I have a $15k income (full-time student, part time worker), and my current AMEX CL is $3300.  Would requesting the full 3x to $9900 trigger a FR since my income is only 15k?  I want at least a $5000 credit limit on my AMEX.

Hi, can anyone answer this?  My 61 day is coming up soon and ideally I'd want the $9900 for utilization purposes, but with a $15k income, would asking for $9900 be asking too much/FR?  Thanks!


I doubt it would result in an FR because you're providing your income up front during the CLI. If they really feel it is unreasonable, they will counter or straight up deny you! Hope that helps! Why not shoot for the stars? XD

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