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Re: The Definitive Amex 3X CLI Guide

sakhalin070 wrote:

sakhalin070 wrote:

I have a $15k income (full-time student, part time worker), and my current AMEX CL is $3300.  Would requesting the full 3x to $9900 trigger a FR since my income is only 15k?  I want at least a $5000 credit limit on my AMEX.

Hi, can anyone answer this?  My 61 day is coming up soon and ideally I'd want the $9900 for utilization purposes, but with a $15k income, would asking for $9900 be asking too much/FR?  Thanks!


There has yet to be any challenges to the original post, which clearly discusses a counter offer if you ask for 3x and aren't eligible. I have not seen any examples on this forum of a CLI request triggering FR. 


From the OP:

"Even if a 3X CLI is requested, Amex may counter offer a partial increase which you can choose to accept or refuse. It is a good idea to not short change yourself and ask for a partial increase from the beginning because Amex system is smart enough to approve a partial CLI if eligible."

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