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Re: How to get a PC or CLI from Capital One

kal9988 wrote:

If I have good credit (over 750) and low util, do you think I should call the standard number to ask for a CLI, or should I email the CEO to be safe?

It's a soft pull ether way.  I tried customer service first...  I figured if I hadn't at least tried that I had no business complaining to the CEO.  That way, if CS doesn't help you, you have something to put in your letter to the CEO.


Who knows, maybe you'll get taken care of at the lower level.  It seems like most of us that have had trouble with Cap 1 had subprime cards.  It takes a bit more juice to upgrade a customer classified as subprime, I guess.  It's not suprising they are conservative with that at the CS level.  At least they gave us all credit when nobody else would.

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