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I sent an email about my household bank card..mentioned my history with the credit limit, as well as the 3 back to back inquiries on TU that went unresolved, despite being told they should not be there. The high annual fee gives me very little incentive. I didn't threaten to cancel or anything but I was hoping to get the annual fee waived until they figure out what they are doing. I was completely honest that over the last year I feel like I have been ignored despite my commitment to keeping the card active.


Of course, that was sent last Sunday and no response. I guess I am not their problem at the


Hey, I tried!!!!!

My advice to you would be to try the Better Business Bureau.  In this way they will probably take it a bit more serious.  When I filed with the BBB I got a phone call the same day, merely hours after I file, from Capone.  If you have more than one account with them make sure they are speaking of the account in question.  I had two accounts, a Household and a Capone.  The Household account had been given a small increase a few months back.  I don't know if that was some ploy they used or not, did they really think I wouldn't notice the difference?  Since they never mentioned the account number, I almost didn't until the second call.  Even the way they phrased what they said didn't really give a good indication except the fact they did mention that I had to wait until January to get a CLI.  I even had hung up the phone not really understanding it was the Household account.  It was kinda quick and maybe they were calculating and counting on that.  I did make sure I called right back and rejected the offer from the BBB, clearly stating that they were talking about the wrong account.  I had to reject the offer twice and make it clear that they were speaking of a different account and that I did communicate that to them on the phone, since I did call them back and say; 'HEY now." 


They did say they would forward the complaint to the right department and I would get a call within 2 days.  All this time they kept trying to get me to accept the offer from the BBB.  As I said I kept rejecting the offer and I even then called the right office after waiting 2 days.  I finally was able to get in touch with the right office, because at first they would not give me the number and I had to call again and again.  They said they didn't have a number for me to call, after repeated attempts I was connected and given the number.  They are tricky and I think it is by design!  But I don't think they want a negative mark from the BBB.  They are not ranked too badly at the BBB, now think about that and how many people here have tried to get results.  Think of how many here have had positive results.  How many people complain about the service?  What abou the silent ones?  Yeah some don't deserve it, but some and the ones that do, should have an option.  This option, if they aren't responding to the friendly route, might be the less than friendly route; the BBB.


While HSBC wasn't always the best about giving good limit increases to it's customer, it does appear they were willing to do so.  I have heard of only a few valid stories about them not doing so.  Now Capone has blocked all HSBC accounts from increases, supposedly temporarily?  You might not get a CLI from them, but you might get those inquiries removed!  They had not changed the HSBC policies about CLI's until two months ago, is there any reason for this?  I am sure they have one and I am sure the Prime cardholders are a bit more understanding since they will probably be receiving a better upgrade when their card coverts fully to Capone.  I said a long time ago that it will probably the middle cardholders which will be affected the most.  I have the Household card with rewards and no annual fee.  There is no midrange product at Capone which compares, since there is no midrange product at Capone.  My first strategy was to get a high limit with them to insure that I could not be reclassified as a subprime card.  My second strategy was to have either a prime card or a high limit card so they would have difficulty doing this.  I have achieved a card with a high limit and 2 prime cards.  If they convert my card and try to replace it with a $39 AF card I will laugh at them.  Imagine those who have not achieved either of these!  If they have a Household card with a low limit and a fee, then they will probably classified as a subprime card and might be assessed the fee that is associated with it.  If they don't have an option, what will they do, just accept it.  And Capone likes fees! 


I might be wrong in what I have deduced about their strategy, which could change depending on what customers do.  However, I did think that there was going to difficulty with them fitting in the near prime cards into their product line.  This might be an attempt by them to fit them in a less than polite manner.  I am right now simply getting ready to make sure that I reach the next level in points on my Household card and then I will cash them out to make sure I don't lose anything.  If they product change me into a fee based card, I will ask the AF to be waived.  I will also make sure that until the card has a good limit or product changed, it sits in my sock drawer.  I plan on not using the card until such a time as it converts into one of their prime cards!  The only reason at this point I am keeping any card open is to maintain the AAOA.  When my limits on my Prime Cards are big, then I will simply start with the worst cards in my portfolio and close them.  I have my strategy, which involved filing with the BBB in the past and you should have a strategy too.  My strategies timeline actually has been better than I hoped!  I did not expect the high limit card or 2 prime cards at this point.  I was realistice and you should be too!  Maybe your best bet is to file with the BBB, so it insures that they treat you properly.

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