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Re: Discover Credit Scores...

No FICO score yet credit too young, just moved here from UK  with 2 months secured cards reporting approved for Discover Motiva 12/12.Approval  letter had my Creditkarma score 713Woman Surprised just PCed  it to IT getting it first week in February.

Starting Score: FAKOS EQ 627 TU 687 EX 627 CK 713 (12/12)
Current Scores: FICOs EQ 698 TU 708 (7/13)
Goal Scores : 720+ across the apps till Jan 2014

In wallet:CAP1 (Closed)/BOA CASH (5k)/DISCOVER (5.5k)/CHASE FREEDOM (3k)/BARCLAYS (3.3k)/AMEX BCE(1k)
Future wallet: Citi,