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Decided to email the CEO last night, received a call from the exec office this morning. He Verified some of my personal info and asked for income, said that the request would be submitted to underwriting and it would take about 10 days. I have the platinum, no hassle, and best buy MasterCard gold. Later in the afternoon I received a call from the president's office regarding my BBY Mstcard, Verified info and income and ran a soft pull. limit increased from $1000 to 1750! Not much still it's something. She told me to call the same number back in 6-8 months to request for another increase. 


I'm pretty excited about it, we'll see how the other 2 accounts go. 

2013 Cards: Discover IT $1900. Zync $500 Hard. Wells Fargo $1400. BBRZMC $1750. Cap1 QS $300. Cap1 QS1 $200. Walmart Store $2600. Amazon Store $1000.