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Re: 5% Points or Cash back on airlines all the time

nishant1 wrote:

Chase offers one quarter on airlines. US Cash + has one category.


 I have dedicated one 5% category on current US Cash + card all the time for airline.Now that US Cash + attractive categories like bill pay, Home improvement and Airlines are going away, is there any other cards which gives 5% back on airline all the time?


I have many cards which give 2% on travel or airline like Chase Sapphire Preferred but nothing to replace US Cash + category.


In absence of new card, I plan is to use all my 3 Chase cards- Freedom, Sapphire Preferred and Sapphire No annual fee Mastercard points including leveraged Freedom 5% points. Then transfer all points to Sapphire Preferred and book flight using Ultimate rewards which will give me 6.25% from 5% Freedom transferred and 2.675% from Sapphire Preferred and 1.33% from Sapphire MasterCard.


Above calculation includes 7% annual bonus on Both Sapphire cards and 25% bonus from ultimate rewards site bookings.

Penfed Travel Rewards Amex provides 5x points per dollar for Airline purchases.

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