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Re: 5% Points or Cash back on airlines all the time

US Bank Flexperks is the best for travel imo, and I'm probably the worst frequent flyer addict in this forum lol!


Flexperks is interesting. 1 flexpoint is worth upto 2 cents in tiers best for ANY flights. Why? Because it's one of the only cards that allows you to AQUIRE frequent flyer miles  at the sametime.


Like I fly from Tampa FL to Vietnam few times a year. If I use my points to buy a $1,400 ticket, I'll still get about 20k miles through United for my flight. after 3 flex point award flights I can use the United miles for a free flight. So your double dipping into Flexperks + United frequent flyer program which is almost never allowed with miles credit cards.


The best thing is they have 1x 2x and 3x point categories, but the points are actually worth upto 2x 4x 6x    Not to mention if your military with Platinum checking, or hold $25,000 of funds in their accounts you'll get another 50% bonus on your regular spending.


So 3x 4x 6x cents in value.  Also the points to redeem domestic flights is A LOT less.


For instance an award saver flight from United  from Tampa to New Jersey is 25,000 miles award saver. Or you could use 20,000 flexpoints.  the flight costs $179 United points don't even come to 0.8 cents per point value in this case. Flexpoints however gets over 1.6% since 20,000 points gets you a $400 flight. Meaning instead of flying coach through United points, you can fly First class for $349, or fly two people for less points.


1.5 flex points = 3 cents with platinum checking for base spending so points adds up a lot. It's a little confusing at first but it is HANDS down the best travel card, because it has the ability to aquire miles while you redeem your flexpoint award flights + work towards your airline status.  Also big spenders can get the annual fees waived, and Flexperks is THE best card if you pay a lot in taxes.



3x flexpoints (6cents value) for Charity donations. meaning if you pay Charities to get tax write offs AND gain 6% back for travel.  So if you gave 50k to charity for write offs with the card, you would aquire 150k points good for $3,000 in travel + your frequent flyer miles.


If you fly international like I do, 1.5 flex points = 3 cents for base spending, but in my case the extra ff miles I would get would be worth close to 30% more value. So 3.9 cents value for everyday spending with Platinum checking, and that's just the base points!


Although if you like to fly business or first class internationally this wouldn't be the best card, but for economy flights this card is king, or 2x short domestic flights or 1 first class flight domestically.


The points are a bit strange, but if you learn how to use it correctly you'll love it.


Why I say this isn't the best card is because United miles can be worth close to 9 cents per point when redeemed for first class saver awards (140,000 round trip) when tickets can exceed $12,000. Although you could just buy the United points for under 2 penny a piece and get the first class ticket with miles purchased for the same price as a coach ticket during season.



Personally my 2 favorite cards. Flexperks (off season + international economy flights, or domestic first class) + United Club for peak season flights and instant gold status and 1.5 miles per dollar spent is the best if your looking for first class or in season flight redemption.

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