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Amex PRG annual fee ... waived?

Just got my first PRG statement yesterday and found it quite surprising - I see the annual fee of $175 there added to the total balance. 

I opened my PRG around 2 weeks ago when there was a promo of 100k MR points for Platinum and 50k for PRG. I remember exactly, that first year AF was waived in the offer, though I haven't made any screenshots (but it's not something special - if you try to apply for PRG now, you'll get 25k MR points, but still with waived fee for the 1st year). Moreover, when I spoke to their CSR during card activation I rechecked both important offer conditions (50k points and no AF for the 1st year) and he reconfirmed both. 


Should I become concerned already and call Amex tomorrow? Or this is the way how the "waiver" works - they post the fee in the statement and then several days later they post a statement credit, so nothing to worry about?



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