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Nice while it lasted - AMEX FR!
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So looks like my experience with American Express will be less than 1 month. 


Despite the fact that they had me send in bank statements AND pay stubs prior to approving my application, Amex today hit me with an FR...**bleep**


I only worked 3 months in 2011 (took a long sabbatical from work to take care of my father after he had a stroke), so even if I agreed, my income for the year would only show $45K and not my 2012 income which was over $130k and was also what I put on the app. So even IF I sent the tax forms, they would still shut me down. When I said this to the agent she replied,


"well sir we have to be able to verify your information"


I replied, "but that information is not current, it is outdated and does not tell the story of what happened to me in 2011, AND you have already seen my actual income at the time of application. My 2011 numbers in no way show my ability to pay current debts. Can I give you 2010 taxes, I still work at the same company."


her scripted reply "well sir, if you can't verify the income American Express may have to take adverse action. We can not take your 2010 taxes as those are dated///"


My reply, "So if I can not verify my current income through outdated data from 2011, and not current data, you may close my account? And, I can not use outdated data from 2010 because it is outdated but outdated data from 2011 is current enough to be used for these purposes?"




HOW IS THIS AN ACCEPTABLE BUSINESS PRACTICE!!!! Looks like I am closing my card.


edit: I also offered to file 2012 taxes sooner than originally planned and let them take those, they again rejected and said it has to be from 2011. 

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