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Re: Nice while it lasted - AMEX FR!

android01 wrote:

CLOSE IT.  Having an AMEX or any other flavor of credit card is simply not worth the level of intrusion into your personal finances that allowing them to have your tax returns does.  I've been an AMEX customer for 27 years, and although I've never been F/R'd, I would close every AMEX account I have without even thinking twice should they ask for one.

Why do you say this? They already have your personal information, SS#, employment data, etc... what's the big problem backing up what was stated on an app?

GangnamFICO wrote:

Because the chicks dig it when I throw down the card to the waiter comes in handy if I'm short on cash until payday and need a short spot. AMEX gets the booty, and that's important when you're a Pirate.

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