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Re: Now Most Citicards have EMV Chips!!!!

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Sorry. No Amex. They don't have it yet. I think Amex Platinum Cards or the Centurion Cards have EMV chip. You might want to call them to request one.I think it's only for Visa/MC. 




Yes it is on the Platinum AMEX.  AMEX is delivering my new Platinum card with it tomorrow.

I am sorry for the dumb question...


what does the EMV chip do for you ??

Well, the main reason people request it is because in many countries EMV is the expectation. Unlike one person said, it has no relation to contactless (PayPass/PayWave/ExpressPay/ZIP). A contactless transaction can be EMV (contactless EMV) but can also just be a basic unencrypted copy of track data (same as the magnetic stripe but with an added unique transaction identifier).


Citi cards are terrible to use for travel anyways - Bank of America offers a no fx fee, no fee, EMV card that's a much better choice. Citi charges 3% foreign transaction fee - a huge ripoff. 


So, really, the main thing it does for you is - not much today. A few Walmart's have EMV enabled, but that's it. Come April, many merchants that already have EMV terminals will start enabling them and this benefits you by making fraud much harder. "Skimming" becomes a much more difficult prospect, it is virtually impossible to skim an EMV chip.

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