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Re: AmEx CLI and FICO Score Accuracy?
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jlt1984 wrote:

Hi everyone,


I've been working on rebuilding for the past two years, with a low FICO of 587 which I have brought up to 684 as of an alert on 1/4/13 -- according to this site.  Ive been a cardholder with AmEx since Sept 2012 and was given a measley credit line of $1,000.  Ive waited the 60 day "new customer" period and have tried to get a CLI to 3000 or 2000 in both December and January.  


I received by denial letters for the January attempts, which states "your FICO score on 1/5/13 was 703."  This score does not coincide with what is reported on this site.  I've verified that my score watch alert is set to anything 685+, so I'm not sure why I'm seeing varying scores.  


Has anyone else experienced this type of discrepancy between the score on this site and what lenders report?  Thanks for any info...

Can you confirm which report they cited in their denial?  AMEX nearly always pulls EX, though of course there are always exceptions for various circumstances.

Your EQ score here of 684 is a true FICO score.  But you can't get an EX score here.  That could explain the discrepancy in score. 


EDIT:  Jeepers, you guys ^^^^^^ above are quick !

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