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Orchard and close or not to close? Need advice.

            First I want to say that I appreciate for anyones advice good or bad and if anyone has expriences similer to mines. I realize that Orchard Bank cc has been going through this transition into Cap1 since May 2012. I had my Orchard unsecured cc since 2010 with $320 cl. I have received $100 cli in 2011 and another $100 in beginning 2012. My tptal cl in $520 which isn't much. I've been paying on time double the minimum ever month since. I tried for another increase 2012 but they were in the transition state and couldn't do any kind of cli. I emailed the executive office and 2 days later got a call back and I ask them when is the transition done, why I can't get a cli and why can't they waive my AF and why can't I get the reward points? She said the only thing she can do it waive the annual fee for the one year!! There's nothing else she can do becasue she can't access my account.    I ask her that she could waive my AF but can't access my account or do anything else? 


            I also have a Cap1 secured card since March 2012 with $200 and received $100 cli in September 2012. Paid double minimum every month. I'm also an AU on another Cap1 since 1998 and paid on time every month.  I also ask the rep about my Cap1 secred and she said this product they can't do any cli because it's secured and I would have to apply for one. I ask to do a product change but she can't. I understand that but why am I not receiving any offers? I spoke to her again today and let her know my disappointment in not showing any value of me as a customer. 


            I was thinking of paying off my balances and cancel both cards but not sure if it will hurt me in the long run. I have a Wells Fargo secured card that I just opened and would just keep that one for now. What do you think I should do? Keep or close? Thank you in advance.