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Re: Orchard and close or not to close? Need advice.

Since I started re-buildig my credit, I heard if you leave a revolving balance but pay more than minimum, it would help build a better credit history and give me as a customer a little more value since their making money with me in interest. But as I learned, paying off in full will give me a better util. and raise my score. I also have Wells Fargo Secured, Walmart, Target, Fingerhut and VS. I would like to keep the Orchard and Cap1 but they're not budding and cancelling is more about just lettting them know I'm serious. I don't know if I should stick to my guns and cancel or hide my pride and keep them. I don't want to bit off my nose to spite my face. I have to do what would be best for me. What do you suggest? Thank you.